Follow These Guidelines As Your Ford Lease Approaches the End

When it comes to your Ford lease, you will see renewed meaning in the expression that all good things eventually come to an end. If you have been enjoying your leased vehicle for a few now, then it is time to prepare to return it. 

Do not worry if you are no longer located near the original dealership where you took out the lease. 

You can return your Ford to Mangold Ford Inc., so that will be quite convenient. As you prepare to do that, it will be helpful to get a few things ready so that the process is as easy and straightforward as it is designed to be.


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Schedule the Inspection

You will want to start looking for a letter from Ford to arrive a few weeks before the end of your lease around Eureka, IL. 

This letter will remind you of some key items that you need to plan for in order to execute a smooth handover. One thing you will need to do is schedule an inspection. 

This should not take much of your time and can usually take place at a location and date of your choosing.

The inspection will entail a complete review of the vehicle. The person taking a look at your Ford will be looking for anything out of the ordinary. 

Customary wear and tear will not count against you, but major blemishes, stains, and other items will. As such, it would be to your benefit to try to get those items taken care of prior to the inspection around Washington, IL. 

While the inspector will not be looking at your mileage at this time, now is a good time to make sure you are cognizant of how many miles you have left to drive before the end of your lease.

Get Ready For the Handover

One of the items you will want to pay attention to is your handover date. To get this done in as little time as possible, you will want to contact Mangold Ford Inc. ahead of time and make an appointment. That way, you will not have to wait around for someone to come and do a final inspection. All of the items covered in the first inspection will be reviewed with you at that time. If there are any penalties, such as for damages or excess mileage, you will be notified at that time.

Again, before you take the vehicle into the dealership for the handover is the time to fix anything that is wrong with it. You will also want to take a look at the tires. If they are only slightly worn you will be ok. However, you will need to have them replaced if they are not in good condition. You will also want to clean up the interior and make sure that any stains are removed. This is especially important if something has happened in the few weeks that have passed since the inspection.

You Can Request a Second Chance Inspection

Keep in mind that you will need to pay for any damages to the vehicle that are out of the ordinary. You will be assessed a price for this during the inspection. If you feel that you can take care of the issues on your own in Metamora, IL, or if you want to have another body shop, fix the items for you, then you can request a second chance inspection. The items that have been sufficiently correctly will then be removed from your final bill upon turning over the leased vehicle.

The key is to return your leased vehicle in as good a condition as possible. Remember to monitor your mileage towards the end of the lease as well. Remember that you are more than welcome to return your Ford to Mangold Ford Inc near El Paso, IL. When you do so, feel free to talk to us about new lease specials that we can offer you. You could drive away in another new lease on the very same day.