Ford F-150 Earns High Ratings in IIHS Crash Tests

Pickup trucks are first and foremost tools. They are the vehicle of choice for drivers who intend to tackle hard work because of their stronger powertrain and durable composition. However, not all models are built to the same standard, as can be seen by the results of crash tests administered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. According to the ratings achieved, the Ford F-150 ranked higher than numerous competitors.


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Find Amazing Car Savings and Choose Our Ford Courtesy Vehicle Specials in Eureka, IL

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Are you searching for a low-mileage used Ford for your daily commute in and out of El Paso, IL? For used car seekers who want exponential quality in a pre-owned vehicle, our lineup of Courtesy Ford vehicles in Eureka have plenty of value to offer car seekers! If you’re looking to save money on your next car purchase, here’s what you can expect before test driving our list of affordable used Courtesy Ford models!

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How Do You Compete in an Automotive Price War?

Price wars have existed since the inception of retail. They are unavoidable in a competitive marketplace and can be a great thing for the consumer! However, they also invite deception as companies try to take shortcuts to growth and decide to ignore the rules. Most states have very specific advertising regulations and most dealerships are fully aware of what is allowed. Unfortunately, many will choose to skirt the laws and pray no one turns them in to the attorney general’s office. I would like to highlight some of the more common deceptive practices that customers need to be aware…

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