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At Mangold Ford, we're able to help drivers here in Eureka, IL and the surrounding area to find the ideal vehicle, and that means being able to pick one to your exact specifications. If you are seeking out a new Ford, you're able to pre-order with us as we can make sure you get the right vehicle and have it brought to you at our dealership.

Get a Head Start on Ordering Your New Car, Truck Or SUV

There are new vehicles in our showroom, but many 2022 model year options are coming in slower than usual because of production delays and shortages due to the pandemic. But, pre-ordering a vehicle makes sure you get the right type of model, color, trim level and features as you can build out your own next new Ford online, and with our help. You'll be able to get your dream vehicle delivered to our dealership when it's ready and drive off happy.

The timeframe from the order to getting your vehicle can vary based on availability and when the vehicle comes to production. But, we'll make sure you're always updated about the status, and rest assured it will come. We'll also talk about deposit and other options, including financing for your pre-ordered new Ford vehicle.

Trade In or Sell Your Current Vehicle

When getting your next new Ford, you can use your current ride's remaining value toward the cost of a new vehicle. With the ability to trade in or sell your vehicle to us, you're able to use that value how you see fit. Whether it's taking off a few auto payments or using it for something else, we can help you with that process too.

Learn More About Pre-Ordering a New Ford

Our team at Mangold Ford would be happy to discuss how to order your next Ford and provide you with all the details you need so contact us to begin this process soon!

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