Winter is always the toughest season for automobiles - from venturing through the snow to enduring freezing wind chills. If you want to maximize your safety and your vehicle's performance, schedule winter service at Mangold Ford in Eureka, IL. To guarantee that your car is ready for cold weather, a factory-trained technician will inspect the brakes, tires, coolant, lights, battery, and heater. We'll repair or replace any component in time for slick, snow-covered roads.

Wintertime Repairs to Schedule at Mangold Ford

Do you want to have your SUV break down in the middle of winter? Of course not. No Eureka driver wants that to happen. Instead of creating unreliable transportation, book an appointment at the certified Ford service center. During the winter-themed vehicle inspection, we will examine crucial components. We'll let you know which repairs your truck requires to keep you safe and warm during your holiday travels. Trust the team of highly-skilled technicians for all the following:

  • Inspect all exterior and interior lights. Driver visibility is essential, especially during the winter season, when the sun sets earlier than usual.
  • Upgrade to high-strength, winter-grade wiper blades. These blades will be more effective at clearing snow and ice from your windshield.
  • Test your car battery to see if you need a new one before winter. You can purchase a replacement in the parts department at Mangold Ford.
  • Check all fluid levels in your vehicle. The most important fluid is the coolant/antifreeze, which keeps the engine from freezing during winter.
  • Would you like to have a set of tires that were made for winter? You can request snow tires at Mangold Ford and schedule an expert installation.
  • After months of using an air conditioner, it's time to switch to your heater and defroster for the winter season. Make sure that both work properly.

A bonus tip is to assemble a winter survival kit to store in your vehicle's trunk. Examples include a first-aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, blanket, water bottle, shovel, and ice scraper. You can never be too prepared. Check off seasonal winter maintenance by visiting Mangold Ford today.

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