If you are shopping for a vehicle around Eureka, IL, then you want to make sure you are making the safest choice. Today, there are many new and used vehicles available with leading active and passive safety features. Here are some of the top safety features to look for in new vehicles.

Top Safety

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control uses an array of sensors at the front of the vehicle to monitor traffic. The system will automatically adjust its speed to ensure a safe distance between itself and the traffic in front of it. Adaptive Cruise Control has become a more popular feature in both luxury and affordable new vehicles.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automotive emergency braking will detect when potential danger ahead and automatically applies the brakes. This system also uses an array of sensors to monitor the distance of traffic in front of it. This system is designed to apply the brakes in case another vehicle quickly abruptly stops in front of it or if another vehicle crosses directly in front of it.

Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist

The lane departure warning/lane-keeping assist system is designed to keep the vehicle in its lane with a series of audio and visual warnings. If the vehicle continues to veer out of its lane, the lane-keeping assist system to make the needed adjustments to bring the vehicle back in its lane.

Blind Spot Detection

The blind-spot detection system is designed to monitor the blind-spot area of a vehicle. The system will provide audio and visual warnings if another vehicle is in the blind-spot when a lane change or a turn is being attempted. This feature is becoming more and more common in affordable vehicles.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are placed all around the vehicle to provide audio warnings in case the vehicle is moving to close to an obstruction or another parked vehicle. This system is becoming widely available in many new models.

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