Since most people only buy a new or used car every few years, they forget what the experience is like and don't know what to expect. If you're gearing up to buy a new Ford at Mangold Ford, we want to make sure that you have accurate information about what the car buying process entails so you can relax and perhaps even enjoy the experience. Here are a few common myths of the car buying process that are anything but relaxing.

How You Dress Matters

When you visit us at the dealership, you can feel free to wear whatever you'll be comfortable in. Thinking you'll get a discount because you wear worn-out clothes, though, is simply not true. We strive to treat each person in Eureka, IL, with respect and honesty, understanding that it's the finance application that truly has the final say. Therefore, whether you're more comfortable in a suit, jeans and a t-shirt, or your comfy clothes from around the house, we'd love to assist you at our dealership.

You Should Hide Your Trade

Please, please, don't conceal the fact that you have a trade until the last minute. The only thing this does is make the buying process longer for you. We use several objective sources to evaluate trade-ins, meaning that we'll give you the same offer whether you show us your trade at the beginning or the end of the buying process. If you let us know at the beginning that you're thinking of trading in a vehicle, we can have someone else evaluate the trade while you're looking at new cars so that you can get on the road in Eureka, IL, quickly.

Visit Mangold Ford to Learn More

Another myth that we work hard to debunk every day at our dealership is that the buying experience is worse than having a root canal. We will work hard to make your experience great so that you'll want to return to us again and again. To learn more about how to buy a car at our dealership, give us a call today.